Want to buy a pre loved refurbished handset? .... what could possibly go wrong?

.... actually lots but as always TechHouse has you covered!


Has the outfit I am buying from been around a while?
Will they be there to sort out any problems next month?

At Techhouse Business group Ltd we have been selling handsets airtime accessories and insurance warranty policies since 1994. First as Fonehouse and now as TechHouse

We are the constant you can rely on.  If you have an issue you will always be able to pick up the phone and call us, drop us an email or chat with us on our convenient online chat support.


How do I know it’s not on some barred list or stolen?

We run a police check on every device to ensure it can be sold legitimately.

How do I know that the handset has been cleaned of all previous data?

All data is clean wiped from the device by our inhouse engineers so you can be comfortable that you are receiving a clean ready to use device.


What happens if I have a problem with the handset?

We offer a 12 month warranty with all phone purchases. As we not only sell phones but fix them as well, we can fix or service your device if any problem should develop. This can be done in store with one of our qualified  TechWizards .  Our stores are open 7 days a week and with 4 convenient locations, you can’t beat that for peace of mind.


How can I protect my handset?

We can affix screen protection, and carry an incredible range of cases to suit all models and makes of phones, from the Apple iPhones, to the Samsung Galaxy Series, Google Pixel and more. As FCA approved insurance resellers we can also insure your handset against loss or damage.


Will my airtime package suit my handset?

Not only do we repair phones, tablets etc, and sell refurbished phones and phone accessories but we also provide affordable airtime SIM only packages that can save you money!

Available on affordable 30 day or long term contracts, you have the freedom to get out of a contract or save money with a longer term deal.  Its totally up to you!


Is it safe to buy a Refurbished handset?

With TechHouse most definitely.  As you can see from the previous sections we have been an ever present, leader in this industry.  We have you covered every step of the way to ensure your device is always working and we are present when it isn’t.  We offer a convenient recycle, trade in service, when your device inevitably does reach its end of life so, you can get some cash back towards your next purchase with us.

Check out our great deals on this site or pop into  one of our Shopping centre stores.  Our friendly staff are waiting to talk with you!