How to Save Money on Your Next iPhone Purchase

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Getting a new iPhone doesn't have to be expensive - Man Happy Smiling with his new phone

Getting a new Apple iPhone doesn’t have to be expensive

Before you go out and spend all your hard-earned cash on your next iPhone, we will provide some sure fire ways to save yourself some hard cash and get a great deal on your next iPhone purchase. If you don’t have time to read the article, then the short gist of it is head on over to our refurbished phone product listings and grab yourself a fantastic deal on a refurbished iPhone.  We have phones to fit all budgets and you can use our handy filter to narrow down exactly what you want in your next iPhone and ensure it stays within your price range. This way you get the max specs on your iPhone for your money.

Apple is one of the leading brands in the phone industry and the iPhone series are top of the pile when it comes to smart phones, but there’s no argument that they can cost a lot of money, especially when bought new. When the original Apple iPhone released in 2007, it cost only £150. Even taking into account inflation that is still only £260 in todays money. As of writing, 17 years later in 2024, the iPhone ranges from £429 to £1599; you don’t need to be a mathematician to see that, that is a pretty hefty increase!  Read on though and we will provide some smart tips on how to get a great deal and avoid paying the high cost of a new iPhone.

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Our tips for saving money on your new iPhone by Apple

Here are some of our top tips to consider when the time has come for you to upgrade or purchase a new phone or iPhone.

Take your time and take advantage of the price drop from the release of a new iPhone

If you can wait, then WAIT. Apple always drops prices on earlier models when it releases its new flagship. This happens every year without fail around September/October.   These drops can be hundreds of pounds off, so if you are able to wait, then do it! If you can’t wait and badly need to buy that new iPhone now, don’t worry, keep reading as we have more tips below that can help save your hard earned cash.

Choosing the Right Apple iPhone Model: Is the Latest Always the Greatest?

When deciding what new phone you want, most people will tend to go for the newest shiniest model because they think it’s the best.  For example, I currently have the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and I was tempted to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max because I also like to have the newest shiniest model… I didn’t do it though! Why? Because once I had researched the differences and actually compared them, the only major difference I found to the way I use my current iPhone was the different charging ports. Everything else was the same, so I saved myself money by not upgrading to the newest model as the differences were minimal. Before going to your store/site of choice (hopefully, think about what features you really need your iPhone to have. Research, research, and research! Yes, BORING I know, but the aim here is to save your money and as an added bonus if you buy your device from TechHouse you are helping the environment by reducing electronic waste. You can read how buying a refurbished iPhone helps reduce electronic waste here.

Research and Compare: Make An Informed Purchase

Apple has a great tool on their website where you can compare iPhone Models.

You will see via this comparison tool the cost for a new device. Check this price using the link below then compare that price vs our refurbished Apple iPhone prices here

Click here for the Apple iPhone Comparison Tool

Comparing Apple iPhone Models: iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro

Let’s compare the Apple iPhone 14 Pro against the Apple iPhone 12 Pro:

  • Both models feature a 6.1” super retina XDR display.
  • iPhone 14 Pro includes Apple’s always-on display, while the 12 Pro lacks this feature, potentially conserving battery life.
  • They share common attributes such as stainless steel construction with textured matte glass backs and a ring/silent switch.
  •  iPhone 14 Pro boasts the dynamic island feature, absent in the 12 Pro, replacing the top screen music display with a widget, raising the question of whether it justifies the added cost.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with the A16 Bionic Chip, offering superior processing power compared to the A14 Bionic Chip in the iPhone 12 Pro. However, the iPhone 12 Pro remains a strong performer.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro features a 48mp camera, while the iPhone 12 Pro has a 12mp camera. Both models include ultra-wide and telephoto cameras, portrait mode, and depth control.
  • iPhone 14 Pro offers up to 23 hours of video playback, while the 12 Pro provides 17 hours.
  • Both models support lightning-to-type charging, Face ID, super-fast 5G capability, ceramic shield front, surgical-grade stainless steel, water resistance to a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes, and compatibility with MagSafe cases, wallets, wireless chargers, and more.

iPhone Price Comparison: Saving Money with a Slightly Older Model

Now, let’s talk cost, as this is what it is all about really isnt it.  We want you to get the best bang for your money and still get a reliable device with the latest features that you want.

iPhone 12 Pro 256GB grade Good currently sells for £465, iPhone 14 Pro 256GB grade Good currently sells for £745
You just saved £280!!!! (Price accurate at time of publication)

iPhone Price Comparison: Storage Considerations

We aren’t finished! We can save you even more money simply by reducing your storage to reflect more accurately what you will actually need we can add another saving.

Storage Comparison: 256GB vs. 128GB

First, let’s look at how much storage you’re using on your current iPhone

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Then general
  3. Choose iPhone storage

Here you should see how much storage your phone has, and how much you are using… My iPhone 14 Pro Max for example has 512GB… I’m using 127.81GB so not even at 50%! I wish I had thought about storage before I had purchased my iPhone as I would have saved a lot of money by buying the iPhone version with 256GB vs 512GB.
So, let’s find out how much, roughly, you could save.

iPhone 12 Pro 128GB grade Good currently sells for £420 iPhone 12 Pro 128GB grade Fair currently sells for £360 (prices as of Jan 2024).

You just saved another £45. That takes the total saved so far to a total of £325. Impressive right? And all it has taken you is a few minutes of reading this article!
Read on though as there are more savings to be had!

Phone Grades: Choosing the Right Condition Apple iPhone

You can save even more money if you purchase a refurbished phone.
Our refurbished iPhones have been professionally restored, by our TechHouse wizards and assigned a grade to show what sort of condition you can expect to receive the iPhone in. These conditions are labelled as follows: Pristine, Good, and Fair. Do not confuse refurbished with second hand or used. All refurbished handsets are used but not all used handsets are refurbished. Second-hand phones often come without warranties, which means you are not protected should an issue arise post-purchase. Providing phones and phone accessories for over 30 years, we offer a 12 month warranty on your purchase of a new iPhone. We also have a brick and mortar store in a reputable shopping mall in Essex so you know we aren’t going anywhere. A purchase on eBay for example the seller most likely wouldn’t have to refund you if your phone breaks 3 months down the line and that will just cause you a huge headache. You would most likely be left high and dry and although still an Apple iPhone in name you would now have most likely have a lemon!

By purchasing a refurbished iPhone at Techhouse you won’t have that issue and the best part is you could save up to 40% off your next iPhone as well.

We have provided details of the phone conditions below. Just click on each one to view a pop up explanation.

Condition Grades Explained

The Take away: You Can Save a ton of money on your next Apple iPhone Purchase

Hopefully, this has helped you save some money, as you can see by spending some time deciding what you want and researching it properly, there is money to be saved. Checkout our currently available refurbished iPhones here and land yourself a bargain on your next new phone!