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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14. Worth upgrading?

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Hey there! Caught up in the buzz of Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 15? It’s making waves with its cutting-edge features and modern design. But here’s a thought – what about considering a refurbished phone, like the iPhone 14? Opting for a refurbished model is not just a savvy financial move; it’s also a step towards more sustainable tech consumption. 5 Billion phones alone were thrown away in 2022. That is a exponential strain on the environment and is not sustainable at it’s current rate.

With a new shiny iPhone released every year it is tempting to go for the latest and greatest but as demonstrated above is this the best approach?
The iPhone 14 still holds significant value and if you opt for a refurbished iphone 14 from TechHouse you can also land an iPhone 14 at a significant discount. With its robust features and design, the iPhone 14 is still a new gen device. If you really must have that new iPhone 15 though we can also provide you a great price and you can also contact us and we will give you a fantastic price for your old iPhone 14 or whatever phone model you currently possess towards the cost of your iPhone 15 upgrade.  We will refurbish your old phone so its like new and put it back out into circulation, which in turn will help to lower the wastage.   You can find out more about our trade in options by visiting our trade in site circular eco


iPhone 14 is still an awesome phone, is more cost effective vs a new iPhone 15, with even bigger savings if you opt for a refurbished iphone 14 from TechHouse
The iPhone 15, although a fantastic phone, is not game changly different vs the iPhone 14. The specs are very similar so if you already have an iPhone 13 or 14 the upgrade probably isn’t worth it for you. If you have an iPhone 11 or 12 then it might be worth upgrading to either the 14 or the 15 and as mentioned you can save a ton of money by buying a refurbished iPhone 14 or  a refurbished iPhone 13 from TechHouse.

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Key features for the iPhone 15.

  • Design and Build: It sports a design that is both classic and forward-thinking, setting the stage for the aesthetic leap in the iPhone 15.
  • Hardware and Software Capabilities: Powered by an advanced chip, the iPhone 15 offers performance that closely rivals the newer model, making it a strong contender for those seeking power without the latest price tag.
  • Camera System: With considerable improvements from its predecessors, the iPhone 14’s camera system remains competitive, providing a high-quality photography experience.

Comparing the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 15

When considering whether to choose the latest iPhone 15 or opt for the slightly older iPhone 14, several factors are worth considering:

Technological Advancements: The iPhone 15 undoubtedly brings new innovations, but the question is whether these updates offer enough practical benefits to justify the cost difference.
Cost-Effectiveness: The iPhone 14, especially in its refurbished form, presents a more budget-friendly option, delivering many of the high-end features of the iPhone 15 at a reduced price.
Sustainability: Choosing a refurbished iPhone 14 is a more environmentally conscious decision, extending the life of existing devices and reducing e-waste.
If you look at the comparison table below the differences are very mininimal.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15 Spec Comparison

Specification iPhone 15 iPhone 14
Dimensions 147.6 x 71.6 x 7.80 mm 146.7 x 71.6 x 7.8mm
Weight 171g 172g
Display 6.1-inch Super XDR OLED 6.1-inch Super XDR OLED
Resolution 2556 x 1179 pixels 2532 x 1170 pixels
Refresh Rate 60Hz 60Hz
Chipset A16 Bionic A15 Bionic
Rear Cameras 48MP main (24mm, ƒ/1.78), 12MP ultra-wide (13mm, ƒ/2.2) 12MP main (26mm, f/1.5), 12MP ultra-wide (13mm, f/2.4)
Front Camera 12MP 12MP
Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

So Is it really worth Upgrading to the iPhone 15 ?

For current iPhone 14 users or those considering an upgrade, this question is key. The iPhone 15’s new features need to be weighed against the still-impressive capabilities of the iPhone 14. For many, the iPhone 14 (particularly a refurbished iPhone like we sell at TechHouse) will offer a balance of performance and value that’s hard to overlook.

When Is an Upgrade Warranted?

If you are Upgrading from the iPhone 12 or earlier to the iPhone 15 then it could be strongly argued that the update would be worth it.  It is still worth bearing in mind though that a new or refurbished iPhone 14 would be much more affordable.

  • Advancements in Technology: The iPhone 15 offers significant improvements over the iPhone 11, particularly in terms of processing power, camera capabilities, and battery life.
  • 5G Connectivity: Unlike the iPhone 11, the iPhone 14 supports 5G, offering faster internet speeds and improved network performance.
  • Verdict: The upgrade from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 14 is considerable and could be justified for users seeking the latest features and technologies.

Upgrading from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 15

  • Incremental Improvements: The jump from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 15 is less dramatic, with more incremental updates in camera and processing power.
  • Design and Aesthetics: While the iPhone 15 maintains a similar design to the 13, it introduces refinements and new color options.
  • Verdict: Users with an iPhone 13 might find the upgrade to the iPhone 15 less compelling unless specific new features or improvements are particularly important to them.

Upgrading from the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 15

  • Minimal Differences: The differences between the iPhone 14 and 15 are relatively minor, with subtle improvements in camera technology and battery efficiency.
  • Cost vs. Benefit Analysis: Considering the close release dates and similarities, the cost of upgrading from the 14 to the 15 might outweigh the benefits for many users.
  • Verdict: Unless there are specific new features in the iPhone 15 that are crucial for a user, the upgrade from the iPhone 14 may not offer significant advantages.

Refurbished Alternatives for Upgraders

For those considering an upgrade, it’s worth exploring refurbished options. A refurbished iPhone 14 can provide the same experience as a new one at a more accessible price point. Additionally, for users of older models like the iPhone 11, opting for a refurbished iPhone 12 or 13 might also offer a balance of modern features and value.

Benefits of a Refurbished Phone

In contrast to the allure of brand-new devices, the market for refurbished phones is gaining significant traction, and for good reason.
Here a selection of them.

Cost Savings
The most immediate benefit of choosing a refurbished iPhone 14 is the cost savings. Refurbished phones can offer significant discounts compared to their new counterparts, often without compromising on quality or performance.

Quality Assurance and Warranties
Contrary to common misconceptions, refurbished phones undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. Many come with warranties and guarantees, providing peace of mind similar to that of purchasing a new device.

Environmental Impact
Opting for a refurbished iPhone 14 is a step towards sustainable consumerism. It reduces e-waste and the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new devices, making it an eco-friendly choice.

iPhone 14: New vs. Refurbished

When comparing new and refurbished iPhone 14 models, several factors come into play.

Price Comparison
While the allure of a brand-new iPhone 14 is undeniable, the price tag can be steep. A refurbished model, however, offers a more affordable alternative, often with negligible differences in functionality and aesthetics.

In terms of performance, refurbished iPhones typically match new ones, especially when purchased from reputable sources. The refurbishing process ensures that the phone operates as expected, making it a reliable alternative to a new purchase.

Warranty and Support
Both new and refurbished iPhones come with warranty options. While new models have standard Apple warranties, many refurbished phones also offer similar protection plans, ensuring support and service.

Personal Experiences and Testimonials

Personal anecdotes and testimonials often shed light on the real-world experience of using the iPhone 14 and opting for refurbished models.

User Reviews of the iPhone 14
Users generally praise the iPhone 14 for its improved camera capabilities, enhanced performance, and sleek design. It continues to uphold Apple’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Refurbished Phone Experiences
Many consumers who choose refurbished phones report high satisfaction levels, noting that their devices are indistinguishable from new ones and lauding the cost savings.

Expert Insights
Technology experts often emphasize the quality and reliability of professionally refurbished phones. They also highlight the benefits of such choices in promoting a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to technology consumption.

The Take Away

The iPhone 14 is a remarkable device, showcasing Apple’s continued innovation in smartphone technology. However, in considering a purchase, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits of buying new against the advantages of choosing a refurbished model. Refurbished phones offer significant cost savings, reliable performance, and an eco-friendly alternative, making them an increasingly popular choice in today’s market.

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