iPhone XS - Things to Try before booking a repair

Device Description

The iPhone XS is the twelfth-generation of the iPhone and was released in 2018. It features dual-SIM support, filming with stereo audio, and strengthened water resistance. XS is the final model along with the XS Max to feature 3D Touch. Featuring the A12 Bionic chip and with a 5.85 inch (149 mm) OLED display and contains dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and one 7-megapixel front-facing camera.

Things to try if your device is not working

iPhone XS not working?  Our TechWizards® are here to the rescue. Run through our check list and if it still doesn’t start you can trust our experts to get you going again by booking a repair online.

Not turning on or no display

If your iPhone XS is not turning on or showing anything on the display. If you know that your device has not been in contact with any liquids, simply plug in your device, preferably with a charger that you have tested and is working on another device. A lot of customers think they have a faulty charging port or battery issue when infact the issue was simply their plug or cable, so it is always worth checking this first. If you have a wireless charging-compatible phone and charger, you could try using this to rule out a problem with the charging port. Leave your device on charge for 30 minutes and see if it displays any signs of charging, If your iPhone XS is not charging still or doesn’t have anything on the display, try moving the mute switch to feel for any vibrations or listen for any notifications sounds with the mute switch set to off as you put in the charging cable in and out. If you get any of these notifications, this could mean that the LCD display panel is faulty, which in most cases will require a screen replacement. If your display has no cracks or damage, its always worth trying the reset methods below before booking a repair as this can sometimes rectify a display issue. If your device still shows no signs of life after a soft reset, then let one of our TechWizards® help diagnose the problem for you. It’s easy to book a diagnostic test and let TechHouse take care of the rest.

Device charging but won’t power up

If your iPhone XS is charging but not turning on, then leave it on to charge for several hours, if it still won’t turn on then this could mean there is a problem with the battery or the charging system. Most power issues will be due to dead cells in the battery and you would tend to notice some degradation and impact on the batteries performance prior to it stopping functioning completely. If you think your device has a battery issue, our TechWizards® can fix your device without any fuss or data loss. Not 100% sure what the issue is? Just pop in to one of our stores or book online now for a diagnostic.

Software issues

For the iPhone XS you will need a computer with iTunes installed. If your computer does not find your device, you may need to put the device into recovery mode. To put your iPhone XS into restore mode, make sure your cable is connected then press and release the Volume Up button, press and release the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen. Once your computer finds your Apple device, you will be given an option to update or restore. Its always worth trying the update first, but if that fails reconnect the device and repeat the process, this time clicking restore. This should bring your iPhone back into working condition. If not, take a note of the error code iTunes provides, and contact our TechWizards® team.

Still not working? Don’t panic, our TechWizards® are here to help.  Book a repair now.